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How to use the website

How to use the Offbeat Expression website to benefit you

The mission of Offbeat Expressions is to facilitate creative self-care and therapeutic art journaling that spark self-exploration, self-expression, and self-forgiveness.  You can suck at creating art and still obtain health benefits. 


Use this website as a resource tool to unwind after a long day or difficult shift, cope through some heavy stuff, or prompt creativity within yourself. #SloppyHonest



Grab a journal, notebook, or sketchbook and dedicate it to being your art journal. All you need is something to write or draw with, but keep in mind color therapy can help with specific prompts.  Devote a shoebox filled with your supplies like pens, colored pencils, markers, scissors, glue, tape, crayons, watercolors, and paint (all optional). For collage prepping, store magazines and old newspaper for photos, text, and texture. 


why should i use prompts?

Self-care is a must to maintain your body’s homeostasis nature, prevent burnout, and enhance your overall wellbeing. Research shows that writing in a journal and creating art can improve your physical and mental health. Offbeat Expressions provides mindful prompts with the intention of reducing stress along with other therapeutic benefits (creative self-care). Use this website as a cost-effective, healthy coping tool.


who is this website for?

You.  Offbeat Expressions is a hub of creative self-care prompts for anyone needing to decrease their stress, anxiety or depression.  Art journaling can be therapeutic for those struggling with shame, PTSD, trauma, and chronic illness. I post blogs here to give you direction, scientific research, and awareness of different therapeutic outlets available to you so that you can find the one that vibes with you from poetry to minimalism.